Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Best Feature

Here are what I like best about some of the AskPaulinaGirls who asked:
1. Crazylilcute- her Metal Lined Peep Toe Bisou Shoes!
2. Violin_rox_101- Her makeup color scheme- Black & Red, matches her Miss60s dress
3. Bre360 - Her Rainbow Bangs! (:
4. Anna.tutucute4u - Your HBs Necklaces matched with your Rhinestone Bag
5. HarleyQuinn - I'm SO jealous of your HBs Balloon Skirt Dress (Evil Panda) !
6. Jaebabee2345 - Your Fantasy/Wonderland Suite! Fab!
7. Fair-Princess - Your Rainbow Prez & Antidote Headband
8. CutieCuteClaire - Your adorable suite; looks like an oasis !
9. HanabPop - How ur not wearing a shirt (; LOL jk i love your makeup
10. Puppy07 - Your Tina Leggings and Boots!

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