Thursday, July 29, 2010

B&W Contest

Alright, here are the top two for the Black & White outfit contest:
BonnieRocks10 JosieMae8445

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Seeing Double?

So, as most of you HB collector girls know, this is a Hotbuys Dress, which one person is selling for sixty stardollars:
However, at Tingeling, you can buy the Balloon Tube Dress for only seven dollars, and they look a LOT alike.
Why did Stardoll create two dresses that look so much alike? It's rediculous. If you are a HBs collecter, you obviously would want the HBs version because it says Hotbuys on the tag. If your in it for the fashion, go for the Tingeling Balloon Tube Dress. (:

Also, I got this picture from Stardoll's Most Wanted Blog. Why is Stardoll making look-alikes? Too lazy to think of new things?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Who wore it better?

Who wore it better?
Catwalk Winner of July 27th, iiona, or me? Winner of nothing? (:
iiona Me

My Note: This outfit is terrible. Too many patterns going on. Iiona is wearing too many accessories, too. What do you think? Me, or iiona?

Best Feature

Here are what I like best about some of the AskPaulinaGirls who asked:
1. Crazylilcute- her Metal Lined Peep Toe Bisou Shoes!
2. Violin_rox_101- Her makeup color scheme- Black & Red, matches her Miss60s dress
3. Bre360 - Her Rainbow Bangs! (:
4. Anna.tutucute4u - Your HBs Necklaces matched with your Rhinestone Bag
5. HarleyQuinn - I'm SO jealous of your HBs Balloon Skirt Dress (Evil Panda) !
6. Jaebabee2345 - Your Fantasy/Wonderland Suite! Fab!
7. Fair-Princess - Your Rainbow Prez & Antidote Headband
8. CutieCuteClaire - Your adorable suite; looks like an oasis !
9. HanabPop - How ur not wearing a shirt (; LOL jk i love your makeup
10. Puppy07 - Your Tina Leggings and Boots!

2000 Starpoints!

hey you guys! Today I just unlocked 2000 Starpoints, and FINALLY got the hair I wanted, after all this time (: Woot!
Also, a new friend of mine named JosieMae8445 made this scenery of me called "Bluebird Fly Away" and I love it!


Monday, July 26, 2010

Prom 2010

Hey everyone! Have you heard about Prom hosted by Syligirl & MeDoll-JustMe?
Well, it's tonight! It takes place in MeDoll-JustMe's guestbook at 8PM tonight, July 26th. Don't forget to dress like you are at Prom! I'm already ready, and it's only 3:30PM! haha (:
This is my prom look: What do you think?

Black & White Comp

Here is the description of the comp:

Hey you guys! I recently just made a blog called "The Stardoll Scoop" and it is at
>Here's the deal: I want you to dress yourself in ALL black and white: Including your hair, accesories, Everything! I want you to save your outfit in your album, and post it in your presentation. Got it? Dont make a scenery, put the pic of your doll in your presentation. I will choose the top two: you guys will go to my blog and vote for the winner!! So you guys choose! Once you've put your doll in your prez, reply to this and say your done.

I just posted this, and once at least 10 people submit their outfits, I will post the top two, and the voting will begin!
Black & White Doll

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hot & Not

Here are our first Hot & Not girls:
Kylienz (6th place catwalk July 25)
Ahhh, I love a girl who knows how to match. Hot buys earrings with a perfectly matching dress? Nice.

Keira-V (5th Place Covergirl July 25th)
Maybe she was going for the "fantasy" look? She failed.


So, I have this club called WannabeTop. Everyone fights to see who is the best of all. I create MANY comps, its crazy. Hahaha. For example, this disscussion I started called "Ugly People" now has 108 replies. Wow.

This was the beginning of a long argument.

Here's the link to join the club!

I'm Cheyreenie

Hey Dolls! I'm so happy to be on Blogger, this is my first blog and I'm still figuring it out. Anyways, my Stardoll's name is Cheyreenie, and I've been on Stardoll since 2007. Each room in my suite is completely different! I LOVE themes. Anyways, ATM, this is my doll:
its an Alexander McQueen inspired dress ($10)
I am ALL about bargains. I love to search all over Stardoll to see how cheap I can get something. I collect Hotbuys, but dont buy any for over $25. If your selling, let me know! I'd love to take a look.

Thats it for this post!